N: New Kind of Club

Jasper Lynn joins in the A to Z fun during April. Today our post celebrates the letter N.

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Cameron sprawled across her bed. “I’m bored.”

Her friend, Julie, sat on the floor. “Me too. Let’s do something.”

“What shall we do?” Cameron asked.

“Let’s go to the skateboard park and watch Morgan and Mark,” Julie suggested.

“No, it’s too cold for that.”

Julie clapped her hands together. “Let’s start a club!”

“A club? What kind of club?” Cameron sat up with excitement.

“A good deed club. Last night we went through the drive thru. My mom paid for the car behind us. She said it was to pay it forward.”

Cameron had a puzzled look on her face. “Pay it forward? That’s silly. The people in the car didn’t even know you. How can they thank you?”

“That’s the whole point,” Julie said. “It’s like a secret gift. A surprise from an unknown person. My mom said she tries to do something kind every day. She says if more people did it then the world would be a happier place. We could too.”

Cameron said, “But we can’t drive. And we only have allowances. We can’t buy meals for people.”

“Don’t be a Negative Nellie, Cameron. It doesn’t have to be big. That’s an adult sized Pay it Forward. We can do kid sized Pay it Forwards.”

Cameron smiled and jumped up. “We could! Want to go see if Morgan and Mark want to be in our club with us?”

The boys were cold and ready to stop skateboarding. They were excited about the club.

“Let’s go to my house,” Julie said. “My mom can make us hot chocolate.”

Settled around the kitchen table, with steaming mugs in front of them, the four friends started brainstorming.

“We need a name,” Morgan said.

“How about KID-KAD? For Kids’ Kind-Acta-Daily?” Cameron asked.

“I like it,” they all agreed.

Julie pulled out a tablet and a pen. “We need ideas. Let’s make a list.”

“We could pick up trash at the school.”

“Or the park.”

“We can write thank you notes to our teachers. But not signed, so they don’t know who sent it.”

“We can hold the door for people.”

“We can make birthday boxes, with surprises inside, for the children at the women’s shelter my mom volunteers at.”

“We can bake cookies and leave them for people to find.”

Julie’s mom walked in the kitchen and interrupted. “That one you might want to skip. Not too many people would eat cookies if they didn’t know where they came from.”

“That’s true,” Mark agreed. He grumbled a little bit. “How come parents are right so often?”

Morgan spoke up. “Instead, we could tape the exact change on the soda or snack machine with a note that says, ‘This one is on me’.”

“That’s a great idea,” Cameron said. “We could play Ten Good Things too. We write ten good things about students at school and leave them surprise notes.”

The four kept at it, making a longer list than they thought they could. They agreed to meet once a week and keep up their new club. They were excited that they made up a new club. They were all members of the KID-KAD Club.

Just thinking about all the fun ways to make other people’s lives happier made them feel happy too.


New Kind of Club is a story from This and That Too, scheduled for release May 2020.

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