M: Mischievous Mark

Jasper Lynn joins in the A to Z fun during April. Today our post celebrates the letter XXX.

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mark1 (2)

Mischievous Mark

Mischievous Mark
Was a happy boy,
As long as he had
His favorite toy.

His favorite toy,
The toy of his dreams,
Flew high in the air
With its two shiny wings.

“Mischievous Mark,
Why don’t you come see?”
His big sister called,
“Let’s go climb a tree.”

“Climbing a tree,
I’d like to do,”
Said Mischievous Mark.
“Can I bring my plane too?

Big Sister Cameron,
With hands on her hips,
Said, “Mark, oh dear Mark,
If you do – it will slip!”

“It will slip, it will fall.
It will crash to the ground.
My Mischievous Mark,
It will be trash-ward bound.”

“Mischievous Mark,
Little brother of mine,”
Called Big Brother Morgan,
From his seat inside.

“Come look at these-
Airplane games galore!
On the computer…
Big planes and more!”

Just then Daddy’s car
Drove up to the house.
Mischievous Mark
Scurried off like a mouse.

“Daddy, oh, Daddy,
Let us go fly,”
Called Mischievous Mark.
“Or else, I will cry!”

“Little Mark Allen,”
Said Daddy so stern,
“My Mischievous Mark,
When will you learn?”

Then Mommy added,
“There’s more you can do,
Why always airplanes?
Why not something new?”

Mischievous Mark,
A twinkle in his eye,
Said, “But I like to watch
Airplanes high in the sky.”

“I like them. I love them,”
Said Mischievous Mark,
“I’m just like my Daddy,
I’ll fly till it’s dark.”

“Children, oh children,
These children of mine,”
Muttered dear frazzled Mommy,
“I’m glad there’s not nine!”

“Come, let’s eat dinner,
I’m sure there’s enough,”
Daddy said as he smiled,
Pulling bags from the truck.

They entered the house,
Hearing Lizzie’s glad bark,
And settled all down
With Mischievous Mark.

The dinner was eaten,
Hungry tummies all full,
When Mark rubbed his eyes,
From the ‘Ole Sandman’s pull.

He got in his jammies
And brushed his teeth, all,
Grabbed his favorite airplane game
And into bed he did fall.

Off to dreamland he headed,
One tired boy,
Dreaming of airplanes,
His favorite toy.

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