I:Incredible, Edible Flowers

Jasper Lynn joins in the A to Z fun during April. Today our post celebrates the letter I.

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Eat a flower?

Yes, many flowers are edible. (But not all of them! Check with your parents before nibbling on any flowers, to ensure they’re what you think they are.)

Calendula: Similar to marigolds, this yellow-golden orange flower has often been called Poor Man’s Saffron. Sprinkle the petals on soups or add to pasta, rice dishes or salads. The flavor ranges from spicy to peppery.

Carnations: The petals, in a range of varied colors, are surprisingly sweet. Add to candy, or sprinkle on cake or cupcake frosting. They make a delightful addition to salads. Cut petals away from the white base, which is bitter.

Clover: White and red clover blossoms have a sweet flavor, sometimes with a slight licorice taste. Clover tea has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. These are good sprinkled in salads. Use the younger, bright colored blossoms.

Dandelions: The buds and younger flower heads on these bright yellow flowers are tastiest. (The older blossoms tend to turn bitter.) These are also good added in salads or try sprinkling some bright yellow petals over a rice dish.

Hibiscus: These petals have a cranberry-type flavor and are slightly citrusy. They are good in salads, added to teas, or used as a garnish.

Johnny-Jump-Ups: These tiny yellow, white and purple blossoms pack a powerful punch in the edible flower world. Use them in salads, sprinkle on top of drinks, freeze in ice cubes, or top on cupcakes.

Nasturtiums: These bright orange blossoms have a sweet, spicy flavor. Sprinkle in salads, add to scrambled eggs, or top an open-faced sandwich.

Pansies: These colorful petals make beautiful garnishes. They are good in green salads, fruit salads and desserts. The petals have a mild flavor, while the entire blossom have more a “grassy” taste.

Roses: All varieties are edible. The darker petals have a more intense flavor. Garnish ice cream, puddings, or other desserts. Freeze the petals in ice cubes for a fun drink. Remove the white part at the base of the petal.

Violets: Violets are related to Johnny-Jump-Ups and Pansies. All three are popular edible flowers. They are beautiful garnishes on baked goods. Or, sprinkle on salads or on top of soups.

There are a few safety precautions to be aware of. With all edible flowers, make sure that a knowledgeable parent or adult confirms that the plant you’re harvesting is the flower you think it is. Don’t eat any petals you’re not sure about!

Don’t harvest flowers from roadsides, or where chemicals or pesticides have been used.

Done in a safe manner, using only the flowers you know, eating flower petals is fun and tasty. Their bright colors add a delightful touch to salads, sandwiches, main dishes, desserts or frozen in ice cubes. And sometimes watching your friend’s faces as you devour your cupcake with violet flowers adorning the top is the best fun!


Incredible, Edible Flowers is from This and That Too, scheduled for release May 2020


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