Gold, and Silver, and Treasures…Oh My!

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Gold, and Silver,
and Treasures…Oh My!

Imagine finding buried treasure or long-lost gold. Think of old, glass Mason jars filled with money from bank robberies long ago. Is there still pirate’s hidden treasure? These sound like the plots from an Indiana Jones movie, or the tale of a good book like Treasure Island.

But the tales we’re talking about here are about real-life treasure hunts, not Hollywood dramas.

Tales abound about treasures hidden and never found. Are they truth, or are they folklore? Some may be legends passed down through the years. Others may be truth with the treasures hidden so well they’ve never surfaced yet.

Many tales are told of outlaws from the late 1800’s who hid their ill-gained goods. Jessie James, John Dillinger, Butch Cassidy and Sam Bass are just a few of those reported to have hidden hordes of money they stole from others.

Other stories passed down through the years are about Great-Grandfather hiding the family fortune in a Mason jar and burying it on the property, never to be found again. Who knows how many back yards have a surprise hidden underground?

Some lost treasures date back even further. During the Civil War, renegade troops called Mosby’s Raiders were reported to have stolen money and artwork that they hid. The goods have never surfaced.

A Queen’s jewels are reported to be hidden on Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

Jean La Fitte, a French pirate was responsible for stealing silver, gold, pearls and jewels from many Spanish ships. Much of the pirate’s bounty has never been found.

About eight years ago, an eccentric millionaire reportedly hid a lockbox worth a million dollars or more. He filled a chest with gold nuggets, rare coins, jewelry and gemstones and hid it in the Rocky Mountains, north of Sante Fe, New Mexico. He wrote a poem that included clues about where to find it.

So far no one’s discovered the hard to find bonanza. But it’s not for lack of trying. One man has made over 70 trips in search of the millionaire’s treasure. Each time he’s come home without the fabled box full of gold and glorious loot.

He’s in good company as far as treasure hunters go. Lots of time and often much money goes into these discoveries. One Florida family was extremely happy when they uncovered a chest of gold estimated to be worth $300,000. They had been searching for it for 16 years.

Do you know how much has been spent in trying to recover items from the Titanic? More than I’ll ever make in my lifetime. Why, in 2000, the price tag for an expedition to the underwater site of the Titanic was a mere five million dollars.

Maybe it will be easier to dig in the backyard with a shovel for Great-Grandpas Mason jar full of money instead. The best part of this type of search is we’ll be home in time for lunch. Explaining to Mom about all the holes all over the yard might not be so easy though.

Gold, and Silver, and Treasures…Oh My! is a story from This and That.

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2 thoughts on “Gold, and Silver, and Treasures…Oh My!

  1. I lived in a neighborhood in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington,DC, , right off of “Braddock Road” . British General Edward Braddock buried treasure there during the Revolutionary War; it was never found, He gave directions, but the area was used and built on many times. They figured it was in someone’s backyard, but it hasn’t been found

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