Tumford the Terrible

Tumford the Terribe

By Nancy Tillman


Tumford the Terrible is about an adorable cat that gets into messes. He’s stubborn and ornery and hates to say sorry. Instead he hides. Until a day out with Mr. and Mrs. Stoutt, when he makes a horrible mess of things.

“Oh! Then the crash and the squeals and the shouts!
Tum had spilled fish on the Village Fair Queen.
And I’ll bet you know just what Tumford Stoutt Did.
That’s right, you guessed it.
Tumford Stoutt hid.”

I don’t know what I enjoyed more; the delightful illustrations, the catchy rhyme that tells the tale, or Tumford’s sweet adorable antics. All the pieces of this charming picture book add up to make it a favorite story. I want to read more Tumford stories.

Whew! I’m in luck. There’s one more: Tumford’s Rude Noises. Later gator, I’m off to go check that one out too.


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