Iggy Loo & Interview with Author Maria Ashworth

Iggy Loo

Written by Maria Ashworth

Illustrated by Sunny Choi


Iggy Loo, is a delightful book about an adorable penguin that lived his life in a snow globe being admired by a little redhead. He wished to experience life outside his snow globe. One day his world shattered and he got his wish. Will Iggy Loo find out that the world outside is as exciting as he thought it was? Or will he miss his little red-headed girl? Iggy Loo may find out that life’s simple pleasures are what made living in a snow globe so extraordinary.

An Interview with the Author:

Iggy Loo is Maria Ashworth’s third children’s book. Maria, where did you get the inspiration for this delightful tale?

While shopping in Target one holiday I noticed the snow globes sitting on a shelf.  There were globes, each filled with snowmen, reindeer, Santa, and penguins. I wondered if they ever wished they could live somewhere other than their globe and experience the outside world. Then, bam, the story idea for Iggy Loo was born.

Was writing this story any different from writing your other two children’s books?

My first one was written in rhyme. It had a suessical feel. The second was a concept book dealing with numbers, colors while incorporating a story on friendship. When I connected Iggy Loo to the little redhead I was invested and felt their connection. This was an endearing holiday story so I felt more emotional while writing it. I wanted it to have a strong feeling of unconditional love.

What is Iggy Loo’s message to the reader?

Iggy’s message is that sometimes things always seem better looking at someone else’s life. While materialistic things are temporary fun they are not worth more than the emotional connection we share with others. To be deeply in love with something is pretty special.

Although illustrated as a children’s book, this story look like it’s one that spans across a wide range of ages. What are your thoughts about what age readers would enjoy this book?

I want Iggy Loo to be a classic, to be not only at Christmas, but all throughout the year. It holds a special message about love and tradition. Children from 1-101 will enjoy the story.

I see that your book Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four is also available as a kindle book. Do you have any plans for Iggy Loo and My Big Tree to become available as eBooks?

Yes, I plan to have all my books available as an ebook. While readers still enjoy paper and keepsakes some like to pack light and ebooks help viewing books on mobile devices. Having both options are important.

Why did you begin writing children’s books?

After my 18 years of marriage I divorced and met a man with 5 kids. My daughter fell in love with my fiancé. When she realized three of the children (boys) would be moving in part-time she freaked. I searched for books to help with transition of children into a blended family. There were books on having two houses, having a step-parent but nothing about blending children. I wrote a rough draft in rhyme and showed it to my daughter. She loved it. Then my fiancé said I had a talent and should write for children. I always loved writing but only saw it as a hobby. I wasn’t working so I took writing stories more seriously and joined SCBWI in 2008. The rest is history.

Are any future books underway for 2017?

Yes, Tommy James, The Littlest Cowboy in Reckon is due out in February. Just before Houston’s rodeo. He is a cowboy whose size makes others think he is an underachiever. Tommy James is a cowboy who has the spirit and determination of a giant.

April-Sushi Kitty, middle grade

August-Smelly Cat, picture book

October-Real Giraffes Wear High Heel Shoes, picture book

What is your greatest pleasure in writing children’s books?

Knowing I am leaving a legacy for my family. A part of me will live on through my books and I love the thought. I also love when kids have my book in their hands and they smile. It’s inspiring.

Thank you for joining us today, Maria. It’s been a pleasure sharing Iggy Loo with others.

Thank you readers for joining us to see what Maria had to share about her newest release. Check out the trailer for Iggy Loo and see if you think it looks as wonderful as I think it is.

Do you have any Christmas mishaps that turned into a blessing? Comment below and share your story. We’d love to hear it.

Iggy Loo is available in hardback and paperback. Check it out at these retailers:

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Barnes and Noble

Clear Fork Publishing

bio-pic-maria-ashworthrs2Maria Ashworth has published her work in literary magazines, contests and another women’s anthology. Along with her adult work she had been featured on Fox 26 News, Houston Chronicle, NPR for her recently published children’s picture books. On her spare time she volunteers at her local library in Katy Texas where she serves as President for the Friends Board, as well as a Member-At-Large for the Friends of the Harris County Library. Ms. Ashworth is a long-standing member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. When she’s not writing you can find her pumping iron at the gym or digging into a pint of ice cream. You can visit her here.


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