Everywhere the Cow Says “Moo!”

Everywhere the Cow Says “Moo!”

By Ellen Slusky Weinstein

Illustrated by Kenneth Andersson

Boyd Mills Press, 2008


This delightful picture book with its fun illustrations teaches while you read. The best part is that the children don’t even realize it. I think that’s why I enjoyed this book so much. It’s a simple and repetitive story about what animals say in other languages.

In English, the dog says, “Bow-wow bow –wow!”

But in Spanish, French, and Japanese…the dogs speaks differently.

The same goes with the frog, the duck and the rooster.

But everywhere, the cow says “Moo!”

This introduces the concept of foreign languages in a fun, storytelling manner. It’s just a subtle teaching that different cultures have different words for the same thing. No blatant lesson, just a fun story.

It looks like the book isn’t currently sold on Amazon, but there’s a lot of new and used copies available through other sellers. Don’t forget to check your local library. That’s where I picked up my copy.

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