Chickens May Not Cross the Road

Title: Chickens May Not Cross the Road: and Other Crazy (But True) Laws
Author: Kathi Linz
Illustrated by: Tony Griego
Date/Publisher: 2002, Houghton Mifflin Co.

chickens may not crossWhat? It’s illegal for my donkey to sleep in a bathtub? Riding an ugly horse is illegal? I need a doctor’s prescription to take a bath? (I know several kiddos who will like this one though!)

Have you heard all the old jokes about ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ The rebel-rousing, road-crossing-chickens in Quitman, Georgia must have stirred things up so much that a law was passed that chickens may not cross the road.

Interspersed throughout this hilarious picture book of crazy (and at one time real) laws, is easy to understand information about laws: why we need them, some of the oldest laws, and how laws are made.

The pictures are bright, colorful and wacky, much like the ludicrous laws they illustrate. I was sorry to turn the last page and have it over all ready. I laughed my way through the whole book and wanted more.

Thanks to this funny book I’m now wiser than I was yesterday. I also know that next time I’m out trout fishing; I can’t if I’m sitting on a giraffes back.

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