Garbage! Monster! Burp!

Title: Garbage! Monster! Burp!
(How some smart kids and a friendly monster saved a whole town)
Author & Illustrator: Tom Watson
Date/Publisher: 2010, e-book only

garbage monster burpThe town on the hill has a monster. It lives in the valley below and eats the town’s garbage. In humorous verse, Tom Watson tells the tale of when this handy arrangement back-fired on the town. You see, the town had grown.

“… more houses and pools
more people, more parks,
more restaurants and schools.

More paper, more metal
more cans and more wires
more boxes, more bottles
more bicycle tires.”

Too much trash to eat causes unpleasant consequences. Monster burps are not good for the town.

The Mayor and his committees try to solve the problem. They only make it worse. The children decide to do something. They discovered that the monster needed to eat less, not more. They collected. They recycled. And then …

“The clouds dissipated
The sun shone again
And the burping subsided
It was peaceful and zen.”

While fun and offbeat, this tale all too closely reflects our current environmental problems. Children can get involved. Children can make a difference. The story is so much fun to read with its catchy verse that no one knows they’re learning a useful lesson.

2 thoughts on “Garbage! Monster! Burp!

  1. Are these excerpts or the story entire? I love the idea and your prose is cutesy without being off-putting. My wife and I are going to turn one of our blog runs (adventures of our son) into something similar. Did you self publish?

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    1. Only excerpts, Joel.
      I didn’t write this however, it’s only a review. So far my only published children’s stories are in Guardian Angel Kids ezine. I’m working on some children’s books, but they’ve been set aside at the moment due to some immediate adult writing deadlines.


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