The Opposite

Title: The Opposite
Author: Tom MacRae
Illustrated by: Elena Odriozola
Date/Publisher: 2006, Peachtree Publishers

“When Nate woke up one morning, The Opposite was standing on the ceiling, staring down at him.”

the oppositeWhat a way to wake up, with an Opposite staring you in the face! And Nate’s day doesn’t get any better. Everything he tries to do goes opposite from what should happen. The milk goes all over instead of in the bowl. At school, the paint goes all over instead of on the paper. Nate’s day just kept getting worse.

And then … he discovered how to use the concept of opposites to defeat The Opposite! Opposites don’t like being banished. They shriek and hiss before they disappear into a puff of green and yellow smoke.

Kudos to the illustrator, Elena Odriozola, for her clever ways of showing The Opposite in action. This fun story with its delightful illustrations is one to read over and over.

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