Y: YUM! MmMm! Que rico!

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Y: YUM! MmMm! Que rico!

Title: Yum! MmMm! Que rico!
Author: Pat Mora
Illustrated by: Rafael Lopez
Date/Publisher: 2007, Lee and Low Books

yumFun foods, all indigenous to America, are celebrated in this colorful picture book. Vivid, brilliant illustrations capture the reader’s attention, set off with catchy haiku’s. Information on each food and its origins accompany each food.

Round roly-poly
squirts seedy, juicy splatter.
Red bursts in your mouth.

Text shares how tomatoes “probably originated in Peru or Mexico. They are eaten as a vegetable, but they are technically fruits … Once considered poisonous, tomatoes are now one of the world’s most prized foods.”

Blueberries, Chili, Chocolate, Corn, Cranberries, Papaya, Peanut and much more, they’re all here in this delightful book.


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