R: Rackety-Boom

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Rackety-Boom is my all-time-very-favorite-ever children’s picture book.

rackety boomWritten by Betty Ren Wright in 1953, this book was also my favored book as a child. My mother attests to how many times she had to read this to me as my bedtime story. We both knew it by heart for many years. Over fifty years later I can still start out with the beginning…Rackety-Boom was an old blue truck, the kind of truck that might get stuck in the mud…

Between my mother’s bed time stories, my father devouring books, and Betty Ren Wright’s tale of a rickety blue truck, I caught the bug. The love of books has infiltrated my life. (Much as the stacks of books has consumed every possible space throughout the house!)

For years I searched every antique store I entered. I pored through every stack of old books. I wanted another copy of Rackety-Boom. And then, in the meantime, the wonder world of eBay opened up and there it was – – the book I’d been searching for!

Betty Ren Wright was born June 15, 1927 in Wakefield, Michigan. Her resume lists an amazing array of children’s fiction including her acclaimed ghost stories: Christina’s Ghost, The Dollhouse Murders, The Ghosts of Mercy Manor, A Ghost in the House, A Ghost in the Window, A Ghost in the Family, and many more. In 2006, the Wisconsin Library Association honored her as a Notable Wisconsin Children’s Author. As far as I’m concerned, her legacy is Rackety-Boom.

rackety boom2.jpgAs the story ends,

And nobody cares if he rests for a while
at the top of the hill,
or just stands still
for a bit, any place,
with a smile on his face.

He’s a very nice old truck!


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