J: Just a Gum Wrapper


Title: Just a Gum Wrapper
Author/Illustrator: Gina and Mercer Mayer
Date/Publisher: 1993, Reader’s Digest Young Families
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye

just a gum wrapperSmall steps, small actions; they all add up to important ways to take care of our Earth. This LITTLE CRITTER book shows realistic ways that children (and adults) can live an eco-friendly life. Turning off lights, turning off water, reusable containers, recycling, hanging up clothes and planting trees; these are just a few of the ways the LITTLE CRITTERS help the Earth.

Sister says one day, “It’s just a gum wrapper.”

Brother replies, “What if everybody in the whole world said that?”

This book may be twenty years old, but the message is timeless and deserves a place in every child’s library.


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