G: Girl’s Guide to Awakening Consciousness

G: Girls Guide to Awakening Consciousness

awakening consciousness girls guide

Title: Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide! (Growing with Love)
Author: Robin Marvel
Publisher: Loving Healing Press

Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide! is a workbook designed to encourage spiritual growth on a path of self-awareness. The fun hands-on exercises in this motivating, easy to use workbook are for girls of all ages and will encourage great exploration into universal Awareness.


In this book you will:

  • Exercise your seven chakras
  • Learn about crystals
  • Discover how to keep a healthy aura
  • Explore your inner self
  • Practice learning the pendulum
  • Create your own future
  • Try aromatherapy with easy to do, fun crafts

If there’s anyone that knows about raising self-reliant girls that have a passion for helping others and making their world a better place, it’s Robin Marvel. As I’ve known her over the past five years, I’ve seen her five girls grow in grace and I’ve seen how their kind hearts reach out to others.

Available in paperback or Kindle.

robin marvels girls.jpg

The five Marvel girls with their new puppy, October 2015


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