In participation with the A to Z Blog Challenge for 2016, we’re posting fun children’s stories tidbits: snippets from stories, book reviews, Top 10’s and more, all in an A to Z theme. We’ll post every day during April, except Sunday’s – when we all get time off for good behavior.

I hope you enjoy these posts geared for young children. Check out some of the awesome blogs that are participating in the A to Z Challenge this year. There’s over 1700 blogs participating in the challenge, so I’m sure you’ll find some treasures in there.

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Title: Betsy Who Cried Wolf
Author: Gail Carson Levine
Illustrated by: Scott Nash
Date/Publisher: 2002, Harper Collins Publishers
Reviewed by: Trisha Faye

betsyBetsy, a young shepherd girl, is diligent in protecting her flock of sheep. When a wild, hungry wolf threatens her flock, she discovers that not everything bad is as it’s perceived. This delightful story is a twist on the old story of the boy who cried wolf with an unexpected ending.

Not every is as we think it is. Not all endings end as we think they will; for stories or for life.

The charming illustrations and comments from the sheep throughout the book propelled this to my favorites list. Here’s a story this Grandma loves to read, just for herself. A copy will soon be on the way to my toddler grandson for his enjoyment also. This fun book rates a five-star rating!


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