Sassafras Springs

Here’s the start of a brand new tale … Sassafras Springs. More to come later!

Sassafras Springs 1

Every now and then, a once in a lifetime moment occurs when all the elements in the universe align and conspire to make someone’s dream come true. One dark night, the stars glittered in their inky background, twinkling secret messages to the inhabitants below.

Henrietta Redcap, or Hennie as her friends called her, sat out in the barnyard nestled under a sassafras sapling. She doubted that anyone inside the coop even knew that she hadn’t joined them in the mad rush to grab the coziest nesting boxes.

Sleep didn’t come to Hennie that night. She lay there, watching the night sky and feeling a void in her heart. Normally she’d delight at seeing the occasional comet flash across the blackness, enjoying seeing the flash and sparkle that it left in its trail. Not this night.

Life seemed all…the same. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. All day, eat bugs then lay eggs. The next day the same. Eat bugs. Lay eggs. Oh, maybe now and then – especially in the warm springtime days when Lewster Rooster got a little frisky – she’d have to scurry around the yard trying to avoid his advances. But typically, each and every day consisted of the same daily tasks.

Alas, it all seemed so monotonous at the moment. Eat bugs. Lay eggs. Story of my life, she muttered to herself.

Is that all there is?

Isn’t there something more to life than this?

“I want to be more than a chicken,” she cackled up to the silent night sky. “I want my life to be different. I want my life to have meaning. Give me something more than the tedium of this ole’ chicken coop.”

The planets nodded in agreement, sending a silent nod to one another in their celestial paths. The stars flashed their approval. Twinkles from galaxies far away sent messages of their partnership in the pact.

And thus, the land of Sassafras Springs was born.

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